Obviously most of the documents, notices and information for owners and residents at Imperial Lofts must be kept confidential and secure and as such are posted on CCC (CondoControlCentral) in the Library tab. You can access the full Library of all documents and information by clicking CCC LOGIN at the top menu of this site. This library will provide full access to documents including the following and much more:

Some public documents are available (no login required):
Condo Control Central Guide
Guide to Living
Owner Information Form
Tenant Information Form
Tenant Form 5
Pre-Authorized Payment Form

MTCC 1177 Policies:
Human Rights Policy
Privacy Policy
Workplace Harassment & Violence Policy
AODA Policy

If you have any challenges accessing CCC, please do not hesitate to contact Property Management and we can work with you to provide extra training or engage CCC to assist in accommodating your specific needs or disabilities.