Resident Submissions

The Board of Directors of MTCC 1177 and Management are always open and willing to hear from residents and owners. To facilitate a secure, private and confidential means of reaching out, the Imperial Lofts has implemented CondoControlCentral (CCC) since 2011 as the primary and preferred means of communication. Using CCC ensures that your privacy and security is maintained and properly logged to ensure responsiveness and avoid being lost in a mass of emails!  For any emergencies, however, please make sure to contact the Property Management 24-hour emergency hotline (see CONTACT INFO link at the top of this page).

Did you know you can also use CCC to update your personal information yourself including:

  • Personal information like email address
  • Your phone number(s)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Vehicle information
  • Any pets

To submit any questions, suggestions, concerns to either Management or the Board, please log in to CCC (CondoControlCentral) by clicking CCC LOGIN at the top of this page. You can use the Resident Submission menu to submit the following types of requests or issues, or anything else you would like us to review:

  • Tenant/Resident Registration
  • Status Certificate Request
  • Issue with your Suite
  • Issue with Common Areas
  • Parking Allocation
  • Renovations
  • Move/Security Deposits
  • Question
  • Suggestion
  • Resident Complaint

Please note that resident submissions, unless urgent or time sensitive, are reviewed and discussed by management and the board only at scheduled board meetings. The schedule of meetings is available on the CCC site under “Events”.

If you need any information on how to use CCC, please click to DOCUMENTS at the top of this page to download a reference guide on the majority of things available on CCC including notices, memos, library of documents, and so on. If you have any challenges accessing CCC, please do not hesitate to contact Property Management and we can work with you to provide extra training or engage CCC to assist in accommodating your specific needs.